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Lens, Magnifier-Folding - 10x MG750G
Lens, Magnifier-Folding - 10x   MG750G
  • Unit Price: $7.95
  • Description: Hand Lens, Magnifier-Folding - 10x MG750G
  • Product Code: MG750G
Hand Lens, Triplet Loupe 10X/ 15X
Hand Lens, Triplet Loupe 10X/ 15X
  • Unit Price: $29.95
  • Description: Hand Lens, Triplet Loupe 10X/ 15X
  • Product Code: COM-JSH 2731
Hand Lens, Doublet, 10X
Hand Lens, Doublet, 10X
  • Unit Price: $18.95
  • Description: Doublet hand lens 10x loupe
  • Product Code: SILOU-9513
Hand Lens, Metal 10X
Hand Lens, Metal 10X
  • Unit Price: $22.95
  • Description: Compact pocket loupe, in a sturdy folding metal case. Holds a 25mm diameter lens. 10X magnification.
  • Product Code: NHS-661-1010
Magnifier, Rectangular, 2x
  • Unit Price: $9.95
  • Description: 2" x 4" (50mm x 100mm)
  • Product Code: IND23101
Lens, Hand Triplet, 15X
Lens, Hand Triplet, 15X
  • Unit Price: $32.95
  • Description: Double optical ground and polished glass lens. 21mm diameter. Countless uses for the scientists, electronic engineers, collectors, hobbyists, gardeners, and students. With leather case included.
  • Product Code: 23231-15
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