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Tray, red, 2 dram Vials, Printed Labels

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  • Description: The Petrocraft Tray & Vial Set was built specifically for well cuttings storage and retrieval. The tray is made from shock resistant, injection molded plastic. A ten piece partition is built into the tray allowing for vial supports. Markings for interval and tray number are shown at the ends. The vials are clear polypropylene with cap. Features a hinged, plastic lid that screws down. The tray and vial set has many advantages over envelopes and boxes. Trays - 50 vials can represent 500' of sample at 10' intervals. Weight filled is approx. 32 oz compared to 52 oz for envelopes and box. Size 124 cu in - size of equivalent box and envelopes is 202 cu in. "Tray and Vial Sets are more stackable than boxes of envelopes. Trays are easier to handle and ship than boxes. Much less liable to break or spill than envelopes.
  • Product Code: PPF-11010EUB